Bad Fashion Choices: The Striped-Rose Dress


Sooooo, this dress. I got this dress because my cousin was getting rid of some of her clothes, and even though I didn’t like it, I took it. I had the mindset of “more clothes is better than less clothes.” This was a time in my life where I would buy clothes that I didn’t even like just because they were three dollars, a dollar, fifty cents, etc. just for the sake of having a larger wardrobe.

My boyfriend likes this dress, so I held onto it for a lot longer than I would have, but here we are three years later and I’ve recently gotten rid of it. Why? Because my new mindset is “why would I wear something that I don’t even like??”. Granted, I do still have a few items in my closet that I don’t like, but that’s mostly because those items are my warmest ones, and well, I do have to stay warm. In the future as I buy things here and there, they will be replaced and I will get rid of them.


Have you ever worn clothes that you don’t like? If so, ask yourself…..why?




Pssssssssssst, hey you!

Oh great, you’re still reading. This is a new blog, and I’m really interested to know what you look for in a fashion blog, or what you thought about this one. Do you like reading about my bad fashion choices? Yes? No? Maybe so? The feedback would be reeally helpful and I’d appreciate it if you would take a moment to leave a short comment for me. Thanks in advance! :) -Tyler

Let’s keep in touch.


2 thoughts on “Bad Fashion Choices: The Striped-Rose Dress

  1. Yup! Bad choice it was haha. I loved reading this tho. But at first sight I didn’t know this subject was about a no-go. Cause the photo above is so big that I set my eyes on it first and thought it was meant to be a fashion item and got me thinking ‘noooo’ xD . But lovely post.

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