10 Clever Re-Uses for Roses After Valentine’s Day


After Valentine’s Day the chocolates have been eaten, the teddy bears have been squeezed, the balloons are starting to drop, and the flowers are beginning to fade. But once your roses have wilted, ladies don’t throw them away! (That wasn’t meant to be a poem, honestly. lol)

Rose petals actually have several uses, even more if they are organic. Some of the items in this list are edible, so make sure your flowers are organic before using them for these! (hint: unless you grown your roses yourself, they’re unlikely to be organic)

1. Rose Water can be made for a lovely skin toner or hair rinse with this tutorial by Free People.

2. Rose Petal Body Scrub for baby soft skin. Check out the tutorial by Move Nourish Believe.


3. Rose Petal Vinegar can be used for all kinds for things from treating bug bites to homemade salad dressing. Learn how at The Nerdy Farm Wife.

rose vinegar

4. Rose Petal Tea sounds like a fun adventure for the curious tea drinker. See how Eggbeater does it.

rose tea

5. A Rose Facial could be just what you need to pamper yourself. At least Coffee Light and Sweet seems to think so.

rose facial 1

6. Rose Petal Jam may be the one big thing missing from my life right now. Seriously, Emiko Davies, this looks delicious.

7. Rose Petal Salad is a quick and easy way to add a romantic touch to your dinner. This one pictured was whipped up by Healthy Green Kitchen.


8. Candied Rose Petals. Who knew? In any case, these sugar-coated petals by Une-deux Senses look like the perfect Valentine’s Day snack.

candied rose petals

9. Rose Petal Ice Cubes are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your water or iced tea with this tutorial by Gardenista.

ice cube glass 6

10. Rose Petal Ice Cream could be the perfect sweet treat for this weekend. Visit Dishes From My Kitchen to see how.


11. Use dried rose petals as potpourri.
12. Use rose petals as replacement tissue paper next time you assemble a gift bag.
13. Cover your bed in rose petals for a touch of romance.
14. Use rose petals in the bath tub for the same effect.
15. Rose petals can be used as garnish for a special dish.
16. Rose petal honey.
17. Rose-infused oil.

I hope you found these useful 🙂

2014-02-14 14.56.26

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ❤





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