Style Dare: Vintage Gloves

black lace gloves collage little black dress

Just got this pair of gloves that I ordered online and I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement. I love things that make me feel like a classy lady and these are like hitting the jackpot in that department.

When I started this blog I did some research on the iconic “little black dress” and everything kept pointing towards “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” starring Audrey Hepburn, so I watched it. Ever since watching that movie I’ve developed a new love for 50s fashion and Audrey Hepburn’s influence in general, which is why I ordered these gloves.

Everyone seems to think that wearing lacy/vintage/fancy gloves is only appropriate at weddings, Halloween parties, and high tea with the Queen of England but ohhhh am I going to prove you wrong today. Guys, there’s like a bajillion things you can do while wearing vintage gloves. You can:

1. Ride a bike

Source: Roberta_The_Rimbaud on Chictopia

2. Sit on a bench

Source: Qwearty on Chictopia

3. Read a book

Source: Roberta_The_Rimbaud on Chictopia

4. Strike a pose

Source: Kangah on Chictopic

5. Stroll through the park

Source: Winnipegstyle on Chictopia

6. Be classy

Source: Simplcityphoto96 on Chictopia

I think I’ve made my point here.

black lace gloves little black dress

Go ahead and wear a pair of fancy gloves. I dare you.





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