Striped Cardi Party

little black dress striped cardigan

One great thing about wearing a versatile piece like a little black dress is that you can easily improvise new looks without even trying. I’ve had this cardigan for years and NEVER thought of pairing it with a dress. I’ve always worn it with a t-shirt and jeans. I guess sometimes we limit the roles for certain items in our closets, but if you want to maximize the potential (why am I starting to sound like a finance seminar? lol) of your wardrobe, you’ve gotta think outside the box and wear your clothes differently!

black and white cardigan black dress purse
What I’m Wearing

Dress with belt:  City Triangle
Sweater: Wet Seal
Shoes: Mossimo
Purse: Lulu

little black dress with black and white cardigan sweater heels

Have you ever found a new use for an old clothing item and loved it?



If you want to see more ways that I wear this very same little black dress, click here. Also make sure you check back next Monday for a new one 🙂 Have a great Monday! -Tyler



Liebster Award!



Ok guys you got me. Not only am I guilty of not blogging for a while (life happens), BUT I forgot the names of the two bloggers who nominated me for this award :0 It was a few weeks ago, and I can’t find the comments they left me! 😦 If you see this post and you’re the one who nominated me for this award, please leave a comment so I can link back to you.

The Liebster Award is to help new and undiscovered bloggers to find and promote each other. I was nominated because I have less than 200 followers.

Ok so as the custom goes, I’ll answer 10 questions about myself!

  1. How did you pick your blog’s name?
    I chose to call my blog “One Little Black Dress” because it’s all about creating multiple outfits with simple, versatile pieces. Also, I love sharing new looks with the “one little black dress” in my closet 🙂
  2. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 13-​​year-​​old self?
    Set big goals and find ways to achieve them. Don’t let your time just slip away.
  3. What’s your favorite TV show?
    Switched at Birth
  4. What are three things you cannot live without?
    My laptop, my phone, and tea. Is that sad? lol
  5. Who is your favorite fictional character?
    Hmm hard one. I’d have to say Shawn Spencer from Psych. He’s hilarious!
  6. What is your most prized possession?
    I don’t think I’m that attached to any one thing to call it a “prized possession.”
  7. Describe yourself in three words.
    Is this a job interview?! -__- Hmm, I’ll say indecisive, artful, multifaceted
  8. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
    Eating something unhealthy like ice cream right after I exercise. Lol. Don’t tell me I wasted my workout, because it’s either that or just the ice cream and no workout! #fattylogic
  9. What single quality do you most appreciate in people?
    Being kind to people who aren’t kind to you. It’s a rare thing to find
  10. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written? (Link, please!)
    Hard to pick just one, but I guess I’d say this one because I think it’s the best outfit I’ve posted on this blog 🙂

Here are my favorite blogs with under 200 followers that I nominate for the Liebster Award:


Have a great Wednesday everyone! 🙂 -Tyler