OOTD: In a Flash

Flash t-shirt with skinny jeans and converse sneakers

I don’t dress fabulously and extravagantly every day. Most days I like to just wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

That’s not an apology, just a statement of the facts.

I got this tee as a Christmas gift from a friend because he knew I was a Sheldon Cooper/Big Bang Theory fan. 🙂

Today was one of the first days in a very very long time where it was warm enough to go outside without a coat. The weather was also pretty cloudy, which gave me kind of a “meh” attitude today.

Flash t-shirt little black dress blog

What I’m wearing

Top: DC Comics

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Chucks

black low top converse sneakers little black dress

Flash tee shirt

What do you wear on your “meh” days?


Style Dare: Leg Warmers

Snow in Alabama? Everyone is confused

Snow in Alabama? Everyone is confused

Leg warmers = The 80s. Everyone knows this. BUT with temperatures this winter hitting a record low, a pair of leggings can help to keep your little ankles nice and warm while adding a unique pop of color to your outfit.

This photo is from back in 2010 when I first knit the leg warmers.

This photo is from back in 2010 when I first knit the leg warmers.

Pro Tip: No leggings? No problem. Try chopping the sleeves off of an old baggy sweater. You weren’t wearing it anyway! (Admit it)

Kitty is quite uninterested with today's fashion choice.

Kitty is quite uninterested with today’s fashion choice.

Go ahead and rock a pair of leg warmers. I dare you.





Pssssssssssst, hey you!

Oh great, you’re still reading. This is a new blog, and I’m really interested to know what you look for in a fashion blog, or what you thought about this one. What did you think of adding captions of the photos this time. Yes? No? Maybe so? The feedback would be reeally helpful and I’d appreciate it if you would take a moment to leave a short comment for me. Thanks in advance! 🙂 -Tyler

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