The 4.999… Best Pi Pies

Yes, I know this is a fashion blog, BUT it’s Pi Day (3.14.2014), and as a Math Education major, I must stay true to my people!

I searched far and wide for some beautiful and clever pi-inspired outfits, but came up empty-handed. It’s really making me wonder why I don’t have some kind of pi-related clothing by now!! 😛

So anyway, I decided to honor Pi Day by discovering the best pi pies out there and sharing them with you. Enjoy!

1. Pi-shaped Pie

2. Pizza Pi

3. 3.14159 Pie

4. Textbook Pie

5. Apple Pi

I think this one wins for most creative. She actually used number cookie cutters to make number-shaped filling!

Which one did you like the best. Comment below! 🙂

Pi world record holder | Source

Interesting fact: Chao Lu holds the world record for most digits of pi recited at an amazing 67,890 digits. It took him 24 hours and 4 minutes to recite it. He actually knew 100,000 digits of pi, but made a mistake at the 67,891st.

Have a happy Pi Day everyone!

P.S. If you get this reference, and the 0.999… reference from the title, you’re awesome 🙂
P.P.S Pi is wrong!



Style Dare: Leg Warmers

Snow in Alabama? Everyone is confused

Snow in Alabama? Everyone is confused

Leg warmers = The 80s. Everyone knows this. BUT with temperatures this winter hitting a record low, a pair of leggings can help to keep your little ankles nice and warm while adding a unique pop of color to your outfit.

This photo is from back in 2010 when I first knit the leg warmers.

This photo is from back in 2010 when I first knit the leg warmers.

Pro Tip: No leggings? No problem. Try chopping the sleeves off of an old baggy sweater. You weren’t wearing it anyway! (Admit it)

Kitty is quite uninterested with today's fashion choice.

Kitty is quite uninterested with today’s fashion choice.

Go ahead and rock a pair of leg warmers. I dare you.





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